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by Suzanne


Hello, I am RH- and O-


by Faye
O+ RH-


Are there others out there that are much like myself on this world?

Does strange things happen that is always witnessed by others?
I have sought help and reported things that I have come into contact with and seen and the ...

by Kristen73
Looking for marriage to another O negative person



I am looking for a relationship with another O negative person. Specifically just O. If you are interested please email me at



by Mike
I am a god


I am a god of unnatural power. All hail Mike!

Bow now!


by Ohneg
Mad Cow


I lived in the UK from 1982-1984 and can't donate blood due to the Mad Cow problem there.  Is there a time limit on when it will be deemed safe to donate again?  haven't tried for several years now.  Surely after 33 years without ...


by Randy
A -


Hello, I'm A - and have always felt different., from time to time

I tell my wife I'm not from here. I have always had a liking to Astronomy and the study there of. I'm 56 years old and to this day still have those feelings.


by Chelsea
Declining anatal rhogam


I'm wondering if there are any other pregnant moms out there declining thier 28 week rohgam shot? I've done like 20 hours research at least and am leaning towards just getting the shot after birth if the baby has a positive blood type. We are ok ...


by Rick


 Hello. I have been intrigued about the rh negative blood types since i first heard about it a year ago. I went to the doctor to get tested because of some of the stories i have read seem similat to things i have have had.

So lab results say im ...

by Tammy
Immune to Small Pox Vaccine


Hi Everyone,

I'm O-, and when given the vaccine Small Pox I didn't have a reaction to it.
They tried twice, and nothing happened. I don't have a scar, and this also
happened with my Dad. He was RH- as well. They tried ...

by wickedlady
Blood type


My blood is A- and have three children.  2 are positive and 1 is negative.  Had to have the shots at 28 weeks (?) and 24 hrs after birth for my A+babies.  My A- baby was born 2 weeks early and had a bit of jaundice.  No problems ...

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