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by Patricia Halley


I have o- with rh- factor.  My hair was brown with red highlights. At age 16 my hair turned totally red (naturally) then changed back to brown when I became pregnant. Almost all gray, now. I've had 6 pregnancies and 6 Rhogam injections. Ouch! ...


by Prime
Both parents are rh positive bit mine was negative


Is it possible if both of my parents have rh positive but mine is negative? But they said that


by Dtrain
Food for thought


I have a theory.  The four unkown women may be the wives of Noah and his sons after the flood.


by dtr371
0- experience


Greetings all,

I found out that I was 0- after I became pregnant, my doctor told me I was very special. I was young so it had little meaning, then.
I had one child with numerous miscarriages. She is 0+.
I started reading ...

by Karlylo
Strange Things


 Most of my family is Rh negative. Both my parents and all four grandparents. actually, my husband is, too.

On my mom's side, everyone is extremely creative. Great artists and amazing creativity in general. Also, ...

by O'Hara
Question on RH-


Is RH- the same as O-?


by Jennifer
RH NEGATIVE O- by both my parents


I am 44 and have had two living sons and 3granddaughters. I have had many miscarriages due to my bloodtype n a still born birth. I was 18 when I had my first son and had to lay in the hospital for three days and three nights for at the time I had pos. Particles ...


by jacksonz
A+ but E negative??


My donor card says A+, but I was told I was Anti-E (E neg) with my first pregnancy, and had a hard time with all three of my pregnancies (almost had to transfuse the first and third and lost the second) Does this sound familiar to anyone?

by lwilcox1124
HIV Immune


My husband was HIV positive and never told me. We were together for 4 years. He told me wen I divorced him. I went of course and was tested and came back negative. I told the tech that took my blood and she said it was impossible for me to have been exposed ...


by German Psychic
O neg. in Germany


Insert your quotation here


I am 0- and live in Germany.

I have wavy brown (not dark) hair (often only frizz instead of waves)- it was lighter as a girl. It had a gold tone. My hair is changing color in the llight to a lighter ...
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