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Personal Healthcare Research & Consulation Services

Specializing in Rh-Negative Factor Related Health Conditions, Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Illness and Pain. Healthcare Research Consulting is an increasingly important part of various medical and healthcare fields; that is becoming more popular with the current rise in genetically related issues, autoimmune disease and chronic illness conditions.


Research, Consultation & Preparation Services:

    • Medical History
    • Family Medical History
    • Medication & Side Effects
    • Symptom Description
    • Disease Management
    • Pain Management
    • Genetic Markers
    • Proactive Health
    • Dietary & Supplement
    • Blood Test Explanation


Extended Research Services:

    • Adoptee Family Location
    • Missing Family Member Location
    • Genetic Testing Options


Other Related Services:

        • Patient Empowerment
        • Doctor Appointment Liaison