We are often told...

"It's not important to your daily health"


While I do not completely agree with that statement or the following quote entirely, it does seem to bring merit to my theory that there is a connection associated between the Rh-Negative Bloodlines, the HLA-B27 Genetic Marker and Autoimmune Conditions.


According to an one article, a doctor was quoted as saying the following.  "Only 7% of the US population tests positive for the HLA-B27 gene; This gene, found in only in persons with Rh-neg blood, can trigger the immune system to operate overtime at WARP SPEED in times of medical emergency. HLA-B27 can cause rheumatic problems, like arthritis. It also is the #1 trigger of a condition called "Ankylosing Spondilitis." Randall Johnson at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston was quoted as saying "that if you have the HLA-B27 gene, you cannot ever contract the AIDS virus even if you're exposed to it." "Carriers of the HLA-B27 gene do not have the right kind of proteins in the body for the virus to bind with." Read the full article here.


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Find out about other associated HLA-B27 health conditions or symptoms.  Most people think this is an issue that only women face, it is genetic and nondiscriminatory.  Recent medical and scientific research studies show a genetic connection between HLA-B27 and issues such as; Vasculitis, Penile Curvature, Autism and more.  There are over 100 associated diseases, as well as, theories on the associated triggers, causes and treatments.  Find links to Medical Studies, Rh Distribution in Diseases, Associated Conditions and Support Groups in our new Member's Only Pages.


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Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

What does it mean? 
Am I at risk and what is RhoGAM?


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About 15% of the population have an Rh-Factor that can cause some very serious complications during a non-compatible pregnancy. Complications may include Jaundice, Cerebral Palsy, Erythroblastosis fetalis and Hemolytic disease of the newborn, resulting in still birth or death shorthly after delivery. The Rh- Factor is important when you are carrying a child who is Rh-Positive (Rh+), like the other parent. 


Learn more about the Rh-negative(Rh-) factor; your risk, the many treatment & testing options, as well as current research being done on the Rh-Mother & Pregnancy Page.



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Two Rh+ people CAN have an
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