Jessica Farrell is a blood type, health, autoimmune and medical study researcher and consultant. She is not a physician or doctor and does not represent herself as such.  Any and all information, suggestion, research, resource or recommendations that are provided by her are not to be considered in any way to be either prescriptions, treatments or diagnosis. If you choose to pursue alternative remedies, you are taking full responsibility for your own health decisions and it is recommended that you always first consult with a qualified physician to monitor your progress. This is especially the important if you currently take any pharmaceutical drugs or prescribed medications, as the dosage requirements and/or drug interactions can always be cause for concern.


It is important to understand that no treatment or therapy, no matter how well tested or proven, can be guaranteed to be effective for every case or every person.  No reasearch is guaranteed to lead to a specific diagnosis, promise of a cure or to make any other express or non-express guarantee of result. This service is a research tool that should be used in strict conjunction with your physician or for personal research interest only.  Some advanced and metastatic cancers, as well as advanced AIDS and advanced cardiovascular disease may not be able to be reserved, treated long term or cured; no matter how effective a treatment is said to be, as the damage done may be to great to repair.